Rice University


Since 2017: Houston Engagement and Recovery Effort Committee (HERE)

Since 2017: Information Technology Executive Council (ITEC)

Since 2017: Information Technology Council (ITC) [Chair]

Since 2016: Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Faculty Advisory Committee

Since 2016: Data Sciences Initiative, Programming and Search Committee

Since 2015: Strategic Initiatives and Digital EducationDigital Education Advisory Committee

Since 2015: Rice 360°: Institute for Global Health, Affiliated Faculty

Since 2014: Center for Energy in the Human Sciences, Steering Committee

2016-17: The Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Leader Development Innovation Awards Committee

2015-17: Information Technology Council (ITC)

2015-17: ITC Research Computing Subcommittee [Chair]

2017: Vice President-Enrollment, Search Committee

2013-16: Library Committee

2015: Ken Kennedy Institute (K2I), Internal Review Committee

2014:  Chief Information Officer Search Committee

2012-13: Athletics Committee

2010-11: Committee to Evaluate Online Graduate Application Systems

2010-11: International Strategy Task Force

2009-11: Jiu-Jitsu Club [Faculty Sponsor]

2008-09: Committee on President's Lectures

2008-09: Architecture Dean Search Committee, Office of the Provost

2007-09: Latin America Advisory Committee

2006-09: Council on LGBT Campus Climate

2004-06: Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Club [Faculty Sponsor]

1999-10: Graduate Council

1999-03: Provost's Fellowships Committee

School of Humanities

2014-15: Faculty Task Force for Staff Reorganization

2013-14: Chao Center for Asian Studies, Advisory Council

2010-12: Humanities Research Center, Faculty Advisory Panel

1999, 2007, 2010: Ph.D. Defense Committee, French Department

2000-01: Art and Art History Department, Faculty Search Committee

1998-09: Jameson Fellowship Committee

2000: Faculty Search Committee, Art and Art History Department

1998, 2000: Ph.D. Defense Committee, Anthropology Department

Fondren Library

Since 2016: Digital Humanities Advisory Group

Moody Center for the Arts

Since 2016: "Kitchen Cabinet" Committee

School of Architecture

Since 2012: Affiliated Faculty

2010-11: Faculty Search Committee

2010-11: Curriculum Review Committee, School of Architecture

2008-10: Women in Architecture Club [Faculty Sponsor]

2009-10: Faculty Search Committee

2009: The Digital Library Symposium

2007-08: Faculty Search Committee

2004: NAAB Site Visit [Coordinator]

1999: NAAB Site Visit [Coordinator]

1997-1998: Faculty Search Committee

1997: 2nd Paul Kennon Memorial Symposium [Organizer]

1996-00: Rice Design Alliance Board