Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, New York, NY
-Diluvial Houston: Rescued Histories, Engaged Humanities, and Imagined Futures, 2019-23 [Lead PI, w/ Melissa Bailar, Joseph Campana, Kathleen Canning]
-Public Humanities/Post-Harvey, 2018 [Lead PI, w/ Melissa Bailar]
-Spatial Humanities Initiative, 2016 [Lead PI w/ Melissa Bailar]
-Public Humanities Initiative, 2014 [Lead PI w/ Melissa Bailar]
-John E. Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures: "Platforms of Knowledge in a Wide Web of Worlds: Production, Participation, and Politics," 2014 [Lead PI w/ Melissa Bailar and Lisa Spiro]

Getty Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
-Digital Art History Grant: "Situated Views of Rio de Janeiro: 19th and Early 20th-Century Photography and Temporal Cartography," 2018 [Lead PI w/ Sergio Burgi, David Heyman, Alida Metcalf, and Lisa Spiro]
-Archival Grant: "The Arrangement and Description of the Oscar Niemeyer Archives," 2007 [Lead PI, w/ Fernanda Martins and Angela Vasconcellos]

New Levant Initiative, Dover, DE
-levantCarta Initiative, 2018-21 [PI]
-diverseLevant: A Diachronic and Iconographic Atlas of Coexistence, 2017-18 [PI]

Rice University, Houston TX
-Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund: “Black Life in Houston: An Atlas of Racial Inequity, Displacement, and Integration," 2020 [Lead PI, w/ Jennifer Bratter, Jeffrey Fleisher, Fabiola Lopez-Duran, Molly Morgan, Brian Ridel, Elizabeth Roberto, Moshe Vardi, Fay Yarbrough, Nicole Waligora-Davis, Lora Wildenthal]
-InterDisciplinary Excellence Award (IDEA): "Urban Graph Theory: Designing Methods to Study Road Networks, Residential Segregation, and Urban Change," 2019 [Co-PI, w/ Elizabeth Roberto, Santiago Segarra, James Elliott]
-Houston Engagement and Recovery Effort (HERE): "Highways + Waterways: A Diachronic and Iconographic Map of Houston," 2017 [Lead PI, w/ David Alexander, Dominic Boyer, Anne Chao, James Elliot, Kathy Ensor, Stephen Fox, Cymene Howe, Melissa Kean, Jan Odegard, Albert Pope, Moshe Vardi, and Gordon Wittenberg]
-Scientia Institute. Small Conference Grant: "Modeling and Mapping Historic Sites and Events," 2014 [PI]
-Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology, Enriching Rice Through Information Technology Grant: "ImagineRio: Mapping Social, Urban, and Topographic Change in 2D and 3D (1502-2016)," 2013 [Lead PI w/ Alida Metcalf]
-Faculty Initiatives Grant: "An Illustrated Historical GIS for Rio de Janeiro's Social and Urban Evolution (1502 to 2016)," 2011 [Lead PI, w/ Alida Metcalf]
-Faculty Initiatives Grant: "The Digital Library and the Archives of Latin American Artists and Architects," 2008 [PI]
-Graduate Level Teaching Grant: "arkheBrasil Digital Archive," 2008 [PI]
-Shell Center for Sustainability. Research Grant: "The Petropolis of Tomorrow," 2011 [Co-PI, w/ Neeraj Bhatia]

American Council of Learned Societies, New York, NY
-Postdoctoral Partnership Initiative, 2015 [Co-PI w/ Melissa Bailar]

Petrobras-USA, Houston, TX
-Book Award: Oscar 102/Brasilia 50: Eight Cases in Brazil's Architectural Modernity, 2009 [PI]

The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Chicago, IL
-Research Grant: Lucio Costa Monograph, 2002 [PI]