Rice University, Houston, TX 

  • tripoliFair: A Temporal and Iconographic Map for the Rashid Karami International Fair by Oscar Niemeyer, Tripoli, Lebanon, since 2019
  • levantCarta: An Open-Source Temporal Digital Cartography Platform, since 2018
  • Highways+Waterways: A Temporal and Iconographic Map of Houston, since 2018 [w/ David Alexander, Dominic Boyer, Anne Chao, James Elliot, Kathy Ensor, Stephen Fox, Cymene Howe, Melissa Kean, Jan Odegard, Albert Pope, Moshe Vardi, and Gordon Wittenberg]
  • Glassell Map Project: A digital gallery of maps that explore the spatial context and impact of public policy, since 2018
  • pilotPlan: A Temporal and Iconographic Map of Brasilia, since 2017
  • instituteRice: A Temporal and Iconographic Map of the Rice University Campus, since 2015 [w/ Melissa Kean]
  • imagineRio: A Temporal and Iconographic Map of Rio de Janeiro, since 2012 [w/ Alida Metcalf]

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

  • The Timeline Consortium: For the development of a metadata standard designed to facilitate the easy ingest of time-related data into online timeline tools.

UNESCO Field Office, Beirut, Lebanon