iO Oversight Committee, Since 2021

University Committee for Information Technology [Chair], Since 2021

National Academies / Gulf Scholars Program, Steering Committee, Since 2021

Ken Kennedy Institute, Advisory Committee, Since 2019

University Committee for Information Technology [co-Chair], Since 2019 

Technology, Culture, and Society Initiative, Advisory Board, Since 2019

PI Portal, Advisory Board, 2019

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Steering Committee, Since 2018

Information Technology Executive Council (ITEC), Since 2017

University Committee on Information Technology [co-Chair], 2018-21

Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Faculty Advisory Committee, Since 2016

Digital Education Advisory Committee, Since 2015

Rice 360°: Institute for Global Health, Affiliated Faculty, Since 2015

Center for Energy in the Human Sciences, Steering Committee, Since 2014

Houston Engagement and Recovery Effort Committee (HERE), 2017-18

Data Sciences Initiative, Programming and Search Committee, 2016-18

The Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Leader Development Innovation Awards Committee, 2016-17

Information Technology Council (ITC), 2015-17

ITC Research Computing Subcommittee [Chair], 2015-17

Vice President, Enrollment, Search Committee, 2017

Library Committee, 2013-2016

Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology (K2I), Review Committee, 2015

Chief Information Officer Search Committee, 2014

Athletics Committee, 2012-2013

Committee to Evaluate Online Graduate Application Systems, 2010

International Strategy Task Force, Office of the Provost, 2010

Jiu-Jitsu Club, [Faculty Sponsor], 2009-11

ArchitectureDean Search Committee, 2008-09

Committee on President's Lectures, 2008-09

Latin America Advisory Committee, 2007-09

Council on GLBT Campus Climate, 2006-09

Jiu-Jitsu and Judo Club, [Faculty Sponsor], 2002-06

Graduate Council Committee, 1999-2010

Fellowships Committee, 1999-2003

School of Humanities

Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee on Strategic Planning, Since 2018

Faculty Promotion Committee, Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin America Studies, 2018-19

Faculty Task Force for Staff Reorganization, 2014-16

Chao Center for Asian Studies, Advisory Committee, 2013-14

Humanities Research Center, Faculty Advisory Panel, 2010-12

Ph.D. Defense Committee, French Department, 1999, 2007, 2010

Jameson Fellowship Committee, Art and Art History Dept., 1998-2009

Faculty Search Committee, Art and Art History Department, 2000

Ph.D. Defense Committee, Anthropology Department, 1998, 2000

Fondren Library

Digital Humanities Advisory Group, Since 2016

Moody Center for the Arts

“Kitchen Cabinet” Member, Since 2015

School of Architecture

Affiliated Faculty, Since 2012

Faculty Search Committee, 2010-11

Curriculum Review Committee, 2010-11

Women in Architecture Club [Faculty Sponsor], 2008-10

Faculty Search Committee, 2009-2010

The Digital Library Symposium, 2009

Faculty Search Committee, 2007-08

Faculty Search Committee, 1997-98

NAAB Site Visit, Coordinator, 1999, 2004

Rice Design Alliance Board, 1996-2000

Faculty Search Committee, 1998

2nd Paul Kennon Memorial Symposium [Organizer], 1997